Walters-Cole Family History
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1850 Census
Transcribed by:P.J. McCoyState:MissouriMicrofilm Series:M432
Date:8/12/00County:St. ClairMicrofilm Roll:413
City:District No 79
PageEnumeration DateDwelling-houses, numbered in order of visitation.Families, numbered  in order of visitationThe name of every person whose usual place of abode on first day of June, 1850 was in this family.Age.Sex.Color - White, black, or mulatto.Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age.Value of Real Estate owned.Place of birth, naming the State, Territory, or Country.Married within the year.Attended school within the year.Over 21 and cannot read or writeWhether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
119B8/21/18507575James Cole48M Farmer1000Virginia    
   Ruth Cole47F   Kentucky    
   Wm Cole24M   Kentucky    
   Hugh Cole22M   Kentucky    
   Elizabeth Jane Cole19F   Kentucky x  
   Mary Cole17F   Kentucky x  
   Marion Cole16M   Kentucky x  
   Robert Cole14M   Kentucky x  
   Thomas Cole12M   Kentucky x  
   Sarah D Cole9F   Kentucky x  
   George Burns25M Farmer Kentucky  x 
120A8/21/18507777Abraham Cole30M Farmer Kentucky    
   Margaret Cole30F   Kentucky    
   John Cole8M   Kentucky x  
   Lucy Ann Cole6F   Kentucky x  
   Mary E Cole4F   Kentucky    
   Martha Ann Cole5/12F   Missouri    
122A8/23/1850107107Ephraim Rippetoe35M Farmer500Tennessee    
   Vicinda R. Rippetoe30F   Tennessee    
   Lena Ann E Rippetoe13F   Missouri x  
   Wm Newton Rippetoe11M   Missouri x  
   Oloy Frances Rippetoe6F   Missouri x  
   James Franklin Rippetoe4M   Missouri    
127B9/18/1850198198Henry Cooper28M Farmer Tennessee    
   Lucinda Cooper22F   Tennessee    
   Mary E Cooper3/12F   Missouri    
134A9/25/1850291291William W Walters45M Farmer Virginia    
   Penelope Walters43F   Virginia    
134B9/25/1850  James V Walters22M Farmer Kentucky    
   Nancy J Walters17F   Kentucky    
   Mary Walters15F   Tennessee x  
   Voltaire Walters15M   Tennessee x  
   Stanford Walters11M   Tennessee x  
   Louisa Walters7F   Missouri    
   William W Walters3M   Missouri