Walters-Cole Family History
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1870 Census
Transcribed by:P.J. McCoyState:MissouriMicrofilm Series:M593
Date:8/12/00County:St. ClairMicrofilm Roll:807
     Description Value of Real Estate Owned Parentage   Education Constitutional Relations.
PageEnumeration DateDwelling-houses, numbered in order of visitation.Families, numbered  in order of visitationThe name of every person whose place of abode on first day of June, 1870 was in this family.Age at last birthday prior to June 1, 1880. If under 1 yerar, give months in fractions, thus 2/12Sex - Male, FemaleColor - White, Black, Mulatto, Chinese, IndianProfession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male or female.Value of Real EstateValue of Personal Estate.Place of birth, naming State or Territory of the U.S, or the Country if of foreigh birth.Father of foreign birth.Mother of foreign birth.If born within the year, state the month (Jan., Feb., etc.)If married within the year, state the month (Jan., Feb., etc.)Attended school within the year.Cannot read.Cannot write.Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic.Male Citizens of the U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards.Male Citizens of the U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards, where right to vote is denied or abridged on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.
Osceola Township                    
444B7/7/18702724Jas Walters47MWFarmer1500850Kentucky        x 
    Amanda50FWKeeping House  Kentucky      x   
    Luna21MWFarm  Kentucky        x 
    C???15MW   Kentucky          
453B7/9/18704443Thos Cole20MWFarm Hand  Missouri     xx   
    Eliza Cole25FMKeeping House  Missouri          
    Joe11MMat Home  Missouri     xx   
    John9MM   Missouri          
    James6MM   Missouri