Walters-Cole Family History
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1910 Census
Transcribed by:P.J. McCoyState:MissouriMicrofilm Series:T624
Date:8/12/00County:St. ClairMicrofilm Roll:801
  Location.NameRelationPersonal DescriptionNativityCitizenshipWhether able to speak English, or if not, give language spoken.OccupationEducationOwnership of home.Whether survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy.Whether blind (both eyes).Whether deaf and dumb.
                 If an employee       
PageEnumeration DateStreet, avenue, road, etc.House number or farm, etc.No. of house in order of visitationNo. of family in order of visitationName of each person whose place of abode on April 15, 1910 was in this family. Enter surname first, then given and middle initial if any. Include every person living on April 15, 1910. Omit Children born since April 15, 1910.Relationship of each person to the head of this family - whether wife, son, daughter, servant, boarder, or other.Sex.Color or race.Age at last birthday.Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced.Number of years in present  marriage.Mother of how many children.Number of children living.Place of birth of this person.Place of birth of Father of this person.Place of birth of Mother of this person.Year of immigration to the U.S.Whether naturalized or alien.Trade, profession, or particular kind of work done, as spinner, salesman, laborer, etc.General nature of industry, business, or establishment in wihich at work, as cotton mill, dry goods store, farm, etc.Whether an employer, employee, or working on own account.Whether out of work on April 10,1910Number of weeks out of work during year 1909Whether able to read.Whether able to write.Attended school any time since September 1, 1909.Owned or rented.Owned free or mortgaged.Fram or house.Number of farm schedule.
Osceola Township                                   
278B4/27/10    Ella WaltersHeadFW49W 64MissouriIndianaIndiana  EnglishNone    yesyes OMH    
      John WaltersSonMW26S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri  EnglishLaborer???? JobsWNo0yesyes    15598
282A5/09/10Main St 241253J. F. JohnsonHeadMW56M36  TennesseeUnited StatesUnited States  EnglishMerchantGroceriesEmp  yesyes OFH    
      Jennie JohnsonWifeFW55M3676MissouriTennesseeTennessee  EnglishNone    yesyes        
      James F. Johnson Jr.SonMW25S   MissouriTennesseeMissouri  EnglishSalesmanGroceriesWNo0yesyes        
      Adah JohnsonDaughterFW24S   MissouriTennesseeMissouri  EnglishTeacherPublic SchoolWNo0yesyes        
275B4/21/10Second St. 8189Thos B. WilsonHeadMW48M15  MissouriKentuckyKentucky  EnglishMerchantDrugsOA  yesyes OFH    
      Emma WilsonWifeFW34M1555MissouriMissouriMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyes        
      Joel WilsonSonMW14S   MissouriMissouriMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesyes       
      IreneDaughterFW13S   MissouriMissouriMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesyes       
      YancySonMW11S   MissouriMissouriMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesyes       
      Thos HoustonSonMW4S   MissouriMissouriMissouri   None              
      John W. W.SonMW2S   MissouriMissouriMissouri   None              
265B4/22/10  6778Jesse M. CarterHeadMW46M25  KentuckyKentuckyKentucky  EnglishFarmerGeneral FarmE  yesyes OMF69   
      Effie CarterWifeFW39M251110MissouriMissouriTennessee  EnglishNone    yesyes        
      Elmer CarterSonMW23S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri  EnglishFarmerHome FarmWno0yesyes        
      Lena CarterDaughterFW19S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesno       
      Bertha CarterDaughterFW17S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesno       
      Della CarterDaughterFW15S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesno       
      Maggie CarterDaughterFW13S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesno       
      Cindy Carter [Jessie Lucinda]DaughterFW11S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri  EnglishNone    yesyesno       
      Claude CarterSonMW9S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri   None    yesyesno       
      Willie Carter  [William Clyde]SonMW7S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri   None    yesyesno       
      Ruby CarterDaughterFW11/12S   MissouriKentuckyMissouri   None    yesyesno       
262A4/15/10  67James WaltersHeadMW28M7  MissouriKentuckyKentucky  EnglishFarmerGeneral FarmOA  yesyes R F7   
      Nora WaltersWifeFW25M732MissouriIndianaIndiana  EnglishNone    yesyes        
      Hazel WaltersDaughterFW6S   MissouriMissouriMissouri   None      no       
      Wilma WaltersDaughterFW4S   MissouriMissouriMissouri   None