Walters-Cole Family History
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Location.NameRelationPersonal DescriptionNativityCitizenshipOccupation, Trade, or Profession of each person TEN YEARS of age and over.EducationOwnership of home.
Street.House number.No. of dwelling house in order of visitationNo. of family in order of visitationThe name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1900 was in this family. Enter surname first, then given and middle initial if any. Include every person living on June 1, 1900. Omit children born since June 1, 1900.Relationship of each person to the head of this family - whether wife, son, daughter, servant, boarder, or other.Color or race.Sex.Date of Birth / Month.Date of Birth / Year.Age at last birthday.Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced.Number of years married.Mother of how many children.Number of children living.Place of birth of this person.Place of birth of Father of this person.Place of birth of Mother of this person.Year of immigration to the U.S.Number of years in the U.S.Whether naturalized or alien.OccupationMonths not employed.Attended school (in months).Can read.Can write.Can speak Englisth.Owned or rented.Owned free or mortgaged.Fram or house.Number of farm schedule.
  1234567 8910111213141516171819202122232425262728
 110111John E. ColeHeadWMSept183267M12  MarylandMarylandMaryland   Farmer  yesyesyesOFF97
   Emma ColeWifeWFJune185544M1233MissouriKentuckyKentucky      yesyesyes    
   Burlie S. ColeSonWMOct188910S   MissouriMissouriMaryland   at School 4yesyesyes    
   Lula ShortS. DaughterWFJan187921S   MissouriMissouriMissouri      yesyesyes    
    Edwin E. ShortS. SonWMMar188119S   MissouriMissouriMissouri   at School 4yesyesyes