Walters-Cole Family History
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Lucinda California Johnson was born April 06, 1852 in Tennessee, and died February 05, 1943 in Lowry City, St. Clair Co., MO.  She married James Franklin Rippetoe March 06, 1868 in St. Clair Co., MO, son of Ephraim Rippetoe and Vicinda McMillan.  He was born February 05, 1845 in St. Clair Co., MO, and died March 14, 1914 in Doyle Township, St. Clair Co., MO


Children of  Lucinda Johnson and James Rippetoe are:
Joseph Clanton Rippetoe


Born December 23, 1868 in St. Clair Co., Mo; died September 24, 1944 in St. Clair Co., MO  He married Julia Ann Copenhaver October 28, 1889 in St. Clair Co., MO; born March 14, 1871 in St. Clair Co., MO; died April 04, 1961 in St. Clair Co., MO

Effie Derinda Rippetoe


Born October 27, 1870 in MO; died September 25, 1954 in Garnett, Anderson Co.,  KS.  She married Jesse Marshall Carter November 30, 1885 in St. Clair Co., MO; born November 17, 1863 in Burkesville, Cumberland Co., KY; died November 02, 1939.

Henry Clark Rippetoe
Born March 22, 1873 in St. Clair Co., MO; died 1936 in Independence, MO.  He married (1) Fannie Wright December 12, 1891 in St. Clair Co, MO; born 1876; died 1895.  He married (2) Emma Frazell 1896; born December 1879; died WFT Est. 1901-1970.
Flora Etta Rippetoe
Born September 18, 1875 in St. Clair Co., MO; died August 31, 1953 in Clinton, Henry Co., MO  She married Tatum Armpstir Wright February 24, 1892 in St. Clair Co., MO; born June 18, 1871 in St. Clair Co., MO; died June 24, 1953 in Clinton, Henry Co., MO.
Bertha Bartona Rippetoe
Born February 02, 1878; died 1892
Ottie Viola Rippetoe
Born August 02, 1881; died May 1918 in St. Clair Co., MO  She married James W. Mayer October 15, 1897 in St. Clair Co., MO; born WFT Est. 1854-1884; died December 11, 1918 in St. Clair Co., MO.
William Albert Rippetoe
Born August 21, 1887 in St. Clair Co., MO; died January 01, 1964 in Deepwater, St. Clair Co., MO.  He married Jessie Elizabeth Carter July 21, 1907 in St. Clair Co., MO; born December 19, 1888 in St. Clair Co., MO; died December 07, 1986 in St. Clair Co., MO
Elizabeth Cordelia Rippetoe
Born December 12, 1889 in St. Clair Co., MO; died WFT Est. 1912-1983.  She married (1) Bill Wright WFT Est. 1903-1936; born WFT Est. 1872-1892; died WFT Est. 1906-1978.  She married (2) Fred Parks December 08, 1906; born December 12, 1886; died February 04, 1921.



1880 Federal Census  

St. Clair County, MissouriJackson TownshipMicrofilm Series T9Roll 714p. 359A - 6/16/1880Dwelling #72

1900 Federal Census  

St. Clair Co., MissouriPolk TownshipMicrofilm Series T623Roll 886 p. 109AHousehold 119
Location.NameRelationPersonal DescriptionNativityCitizenshipOccupation, Trade, or Profession of each person TEN YEARS of age and over.EducationOwnership of home.
Street.House number.No. of dwelling house in order of visitationNo. of family in order of visitationThe name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1900 was in this family. Enter surname first, then given and middle initial if any. Include every person living on June 1, 1900. Omit children born since June 1, 1900.Relationship of each person to the head of this family - whether wife, son, daughter, servant, boarder, or other.Color or race.Sex.Date of Birth / Month.Date of Birth / Year.Age at last birthday.Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced.Number of years married.Mother of how many children.Number of children living.Place of birth of this person.Place of birth of Father of this person.Place of birth of Mother of this person.Year of immigration to the U.S.Number of years in the U.S.Whether naturalized or alien.OccupationMonths not employed.Attended school (in months).Can read.Can write.Can speak Englisth.Owned or rented.Owned free or mortgaged.Fram or house.Number of farm schedule.
  1234567 8910111213141516171819202122232425262728
  123123James F. RippetoeHeadWMFeb184654M32  MissouriMissouriMissouri   Farmer0 yesyes R F115
    Lucinda C. RippetoeWifeWFApr185248M3287TennesseeTennesseeTennessee      yesyes     
    Albert W. RippetoeSonWMAug188712S   MissouriMissouriTennessee   At School 6yesyes     
    Lizzie C. RippetoeDaughterWFDec188910S   MissouriMissouriTennessee   At School 6yesyes     



Died from TB.


Osceola Cemetery, St. Clair Co., MO